My Generation

“Kids your age are always glued to their phones” adults imply. I have a hard time respecting adults when they call me self minded and lazy. This may be true for a chunk of my generation but not all of us.

I am a hard worker and I’d like to share my story with you. I grew up in Hartland Michigan from a loving mother and father. I have two brothers whom taught me always to stand up for myself and have some backbone. I was a hostess at the Hartland Big Boys at thirteen and moved to a waitress position at fifteen. During school I worked 5 days a week three to eleven shifts. In the mean time I had bought a moped to drive myself to work and back because everyone in my family had worked and I needed to get there somehow. The day before I turned sixteen I had saved up enough to purchase a five thousand dollar pickup truck. One year later at seventeen I had received a job as a day care teacher at Country Mouse. I then sold my truck and bought a dodge nitro so it would be better on gas mileage.

I’m very proud of my accomplishments and I know not many kids my age have had to buy there own cars let alone even pay for their own gas. I am confident to tell people I work hard and am dedicated so when adults call me lazy.. I don’t keep my mouth shut. I’ve struggled but have made it through situations many people could not have done at a young age. It is difficult to find many kids like me around anymore but I can assure you they exist and theirs more than you think. We just need to stand together to motivate each other and let everyone know were here.

Adults like to go on and on about how disrespectful my generation is yet I’ve came across many many adults who were even more disrespectful to me. So I look at this situation as if your going to act like a child than I’ll treat you like one.

We are the future. Its us who will be running the world and taking care of you as you age. Instead of shaming and bashing us you should be helping and teaching us as we grow and develop in our early years. If you continue to look down on us then our community will never be loving and caring as it should.

Think about what your saying before you say it and it doesn’t matter who your saying it too weather its an adult or a kid… Think first.

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Book Review

The Help

This book was amazing and well worth the time it took me to read (466 pages)! It truly is a moving novel and hits so many people personally. This book is easy to be drawn in by the story line as well as the characters. I have also learned about history reading this book. It taught me all about the dividing line between classes leading up to the civil rights movement. I defiantly recommend this book to anyone 16 and above in age. Also would rate it 5 stars! What a great Author!

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